Engineered Elastomer Composites

Our pre-mixed composite solutions help you unlock superior performance – sustainably and economically.

Cabot E2C solutions 

Delivering superior multi-dimensional performance in mining applications

Regulatory pressures, intense market competition and well-informed, performance conscious consumers are forcing rubber compounders to innovate quickly and efficiently. Cabot Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) solutions empower such manufacturers to accelerate and simplify industrialization of high-performance products through the availability of application-specific, pre-mixed composites delivered in a ready-to-use and easy-to-handle product form.  

Enabled by proprietary process technology, market-leading reinforcement agents and leading formulations know-how, E2C™ solutions enable rubber compounders to break performance tradeoffs and are formulated for specific applications, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming evaluation of specific fillers and allowing design times to move straight into final compound optimization. 

When compounded using Cabot’s Light Touch™ Mixing Guidelines, E2C™ solutions transform performance through dramatic improvements in rubber properties such as energy loss (hysteresis) and abrasion and cut, chip, chunk resistance.

Additionally, because E2C™ solutions can be integrated into current product methods without additional capital investment, and require fewer mixing stages, lower mixing temperatures and shorter mixing cycles than conventional products, both operating and production costs are reduced.  

The E2C™ solutions family includes three performance series:

  • Durability – For high-durability rubber compounds to reduce in-field failures and maximize operational uptime
  • Efficiency – For cool-running rubber compounds without other performance compromises
  • Foundation – For a variety of rubber compounds that need multidimensional performance improvement   

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