Chemical Purification & Catalysts

We offer a broad product portfolio of activated carbons for chemical processing needs.

Our activated carbon solutions are an excellent choice for the purification of raw materials, intermediates and end products for the chemical industry due to their exceptional adsorption capacity for a wide array of molecules ranging from odorous compounds to colored bodies.

An industry leader, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon offers a broad product portfolio of activated carbons for chemical processing needs, ranging from achieving purity levels that meet exacting standards, to helping ensure intermediary products do not add contaminants that impact downstream processes. These products are available in a variety of forms, including fixed bed for catalyst applications and powder injection for contaminant removal.

As a catalyst carrier, our activated carbon products offer internal surface area that is higher than silica and alumina. Our product line of catalyst carriers also offers consistency, extremely high purity, low attrition and unique surface chemistry. The products are available in various pore size distributions, resulting in excellent catalyst dispersion over the carbon surface.

In chemical processes like oxidation and halogenation reactions, our catalysts distinguish themselves in the market by offering the highest reaction speed and selectivity combined with high purity to overcome side reactions. For our customers, this means increased yield and purity of the end product.