Suppliers' Sustainability

We are committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards, and we expect the same of our suppliers. At the same time, we also see opportunities to generate shared value through sustainability.

As we advance on our sustainability journey, we believe partnering with our suppliers will play an important role in our ability to generate significant positive impacts beyond our own operations.

Throughout the majority of 2019, advancing sustainability in our supply chain was focused on integrating sustainability criteria as part of our supplier qualification process and audits. The audit criteria included elements that are fundamental to general risks associated with supply chain management as well as to our core sustainability interests such as health, safety, environmental protection, human rights, ethics, business continuity and quality. 

Waste Generation Over the course of the year, we audited 12% of the total number of our critical suppliers. Through this audit program, our target was to evaluate at least half of our critical suppliers. While this was a beneficial first step in our approach to addressing sustainability in our supply chain, we recognized an opportunity to ensure our efforts will be optimal in efficiency and efficacy as part of the new Global Business Services function. Our goal is to engage our suppliers through collaborative solutions that benefit our shared sustainability performance without causing an undue burden on our partners.